Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is surgery in Miami for women who have had or will be having one or both breasts removed. This is typically due to breast cancer. Reconstruction is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast to near normal shape, appearance and size following mastectomy.

Several types of operations can be done to reconstruct your breast. Dr. Salloum often performs the D.I.E.P. flap procedure which a limited number of plastic surgeons offer.

Things to consider

A reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation and feel as the breast it replaces.Visible incision lines will always be present on the breast, whether from reconstruction or mastectomy.Certain surgical techniques will leave incision lines at the donor site, commonly located in less exposed areas of the body such as the back, abdomen or buttocks.

Types of surgery
Implant based reconstruction

One-stage immediate breast reconstruction may be done at the same time as the mastectomy. After the general surgeon removes the breast tissue, Dr. Salloum will insert a breast implant. The implant is placed to form the breast contour in the space created when the breast tissue was removed, typically behind the chest muscle.

Two-stage reconstruction is the most common type of reconstruction if implants are used. An implanted tissue expander, which operates much like a balloon, is placed under the skin and chest muscle. Through a tiny valve under the skin, Dr. Salloum injects a salt-water solution at regular intervals to fill the expander over time (about 3 months). After the skin over the chest has been expanded, a second surgery is performed to remove the expander and place the permanent implant. This type of implant surgery is usually not ideal if radiation is required.

Tissue flap procedures

Tissue flap procedures have the advantage of deriving from the patient’s own tissue. The limitations of implant based reconstruction are avoided. There is also no worry about replacement or rupture. As mentioned, Dr. Salloum perfors the D.I.E.P. flap often but also offers other types of flaps including the latissimus dorsi flap.

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